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I'm Mia Bergstrom (she/her) and I'm a musical theatre actor based in NYC! I was born in Finland and raised in Quincy, IL, where I found my passion for music and art through my education under Queer Eye's Kathi Dooley at Quincy Senior High School! I moved to New York City to attend New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, where I graduated with a BFA in Drama with a concentration in musical theatre from the New Studio on Broadway (dir. Kent Gash). 

When I'm not performing or taking acting or dance classes, I enjoy seeing live concerts of my favorite indie and rock bands and artists (my t-shirt collection is insane!), teaching or taking pilates at SLT in NYC, or cuddling my goofy cat Friday while watching the newest horror movie (she was named after the Friday the 13th film series). 


Mia Bergstrom

Actor, Singer, Dancer

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